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15th-Sep-2013 09:02 pm(no subject)
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26th-Aug-2013 02:26 pm(no subject)
SaintShadows is a a neon themed club, no public drunkenness, the hours are 4-4 every day of the week, they have a small on site restaurant, that's quiet and not a dance club, they have a dress code all private parts must be covered, but see through clothes are some what allowed.

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26th-Aug-2013 11:56 am(no subject)
Zambesa is a reasonably upmarket restaurant and bar, situated just outside off the centre of town. With enough choice and styles to keep even the most fussy eater happy. Add to that vampire safe windows and werewolf safe cutlery, as well as a service that is unmatched in any other restaurant in town.
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25th-Aug-2013 03:49 pm(no subject)
The spa is a wonderful way to relax after a busy day, or a long week. Offering a range of massages, therapy and pampering. Just to let you unwind from the stresses of everyday life.
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25th-Aug-2013 03:31 pm(no subject)
The pool backs onto the sea and is the perfect place for those who have less swimming ability or just want a nice safe place to relax in the warm weather. It's six foot deep at the middle and trails off to only about 3 foot, so it is the perfect place to have a dip.

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25th-Aug-2013 03:19 pm(no subject)
For all your Zombie needs. Aren't you tired of all those horror movies giving you a bad name? And what's with all the films about people going to malls to get chainsaws, shot guns and shovels to bash you over the head with? Here we have the zombie safe alternative, selling new limbs, repairing old ones and pumping you full of preservatives. Let's keep you in tip top shape...until you're too rotten to fix.

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25th-Aug-2013 02:43 pm - Jobs
Click on the names of the places for more information about them.

Club Icarus
Owned and ran by Vinnie Woolston.
Bar Staff / Servers

  • Cannot be squeamish. They will be expected to serve blood, if they faint at the sight of blood, they will be kicked to the curb, no questions asked.

  • Must wear black suits or black dresses, depending on preference.

  • May drink on the job, but if they're found drunk they will be sent home to sleep it off, if it happens too many times they will be sacked

  • If they wish to sleep with a patron, keep it out of the main room of the club

  • Paid by the management and also in tips

Dancers / Strippers

  • Both male and female

  • Will be expected to strip completely, not just to their underwear

  • May use private rooms for lapdances.

  • If they wish to sleep with a patron, keep it out of the main room of the club

  • Paid by the management and also in tips


  • Must be over 18

  • Can live on site or in their own place

  • Charge whatever they wish to the clients

  • Must understand that not all the clients are going to be vanilla. Hardcore bondage and sadomasochism is to be expected.

  • If they have a problem with a client are expected to tell either Vinnie, or security.


  • Must be trained in some form of fighting technique. And be prepared to use it if necessary.

  • 2 Security guards are to be used as door men, the others will be patrolling the Club floor, making sure there's no trouble.

  • Cannot be a full blooded human...If there's trouble with a strong creature, they will have no chance.

Owned and run by Brian Haner jr
Waiters / VIP waiters

  • Cannot be squeamish. They will be expected to serve blood, if they faint at the sight of blood, they wont be much use/

  • Must wear mini skirts and white button up shirts with either green and silver ties or black ties, male attire is black button ups and white or silver and blue ties, with casual looking jeans, skinny jeans acceptable rips in jeans permitted

  • No outrageous make up

Door men

  • Expected to be honest while checking ID's, don't just let anyone in.

  • Must be able to stand up for themselves

  • Preferably either weight lift or do contact sports/defence.


  • Must wear white button ups and black ties with slacks.

  • Cannot be squeamish.

Cook staff

  • Expect to have orders that go to the other side of good taste...Not all people have the same level of ethics.

  • Keep work stations clean.

  • Abide by health and safety.

blood donors

  • There is food onsite, make sure to keep up your strength.

  • No diseases, a cold is one thing, but we wouldn't want to infect anyone else.

  • Be aware that vampires like to get a little close and personal. Don't flinch away.

Hotels, motels

Blue swallow motel
Check in staff

  • As long as a customer has cash or plastic, a name isn't necessary.

  • Any complains go the the management...who will probably dismiss it off hand.


  • Never ask 'what's that stain' ...You probably wont like the answer

  • Expect to see and find anything.

  • If that something is a dead body, report it to the police so it can be removed quickly.

King Hotel
Check in staff

  • Customers must have ID when they sign in

  • Staff must wear suits or appropriate clothing

  • All correspondence that its given in at the front desk (letters, post cards...), must to given to the customer as soon as possible.

Turn down team / chamber maids

  • Must wear staff issued clothing

  • Must knock before entering a room

  • Must make sure all rooms have clean sheets, towels and dressing robes.

Shops / restaurants


  • Expect to have orders that go to the other side of good taste...Not all people have the same level of ethics.

  • Keep work stations clean.

  • Abide by health and safety.

  • Must keep an eye out for notes by servers.


  • Must wear black suits or black dresses.

  • Paid by the management and also in tips

  • Must be polite to the customer and make sure the orders arrive promptly

  • Must keep good notes of what people have ordered so the chefs know what they're making.

Store assistants

  • Must be zombie friendly

  • Probably a good idea to carry mace ...in case they get too friendly.

Other entertainment

life savers

  • On guard  during the day when the pool is full to make sure no one drowns

  • Keep an eye out for sirens

  • Make sure you're a good swimmer

  • If someone is struggling too much, you have to swim away


  • Qualified and skilled in different massages and/or massage therapy.

25th-Aug-2013 02:39 pm - Jobs
King hotel
King hotel is a upmarket and elegantly cozy hotel, offering food from all around the world and a relaxing atmosphere. Compete with UV resistant glass for all the light sensitive people out there and set in the middle of town, this hotel has become one of the most popular in town.

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25th-Aug-2013 01:54 pm(no subject)
Blue Swallow Motel
You're not paying for class and elegance here. You're paying for a bed and privacy, no questions asked. The rooms are often small, rarely have a working television or air conditioner and usually have a dripping tap. But they can be rented by the hour and are usually serialized afterwards.
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25th-Aug-2013 12:45 pm(no subject)
Club Icarus
Icarus, is a night club in the centre of town that was once a church, but has been remodelled (and unconsecrated) to fit any creatures need. Decorated lavishly, with all bar staff and servers required to wear suits, it looks like the most elegant night club in town. But as the lights go down and the place splutters into life, things are another story completely. With strippers, prostitutes and dealers littered around the place, it is the perfect place to indulge.

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